Elba Island

Information about the Island of Elba

Elba is the third largest Italian island and the largest in the Tuscan Archipelago. The island, Situated at 10 kilometres from the mainland, can be accessed by ferry or hydrofoil in one hour of navigation.

Besides the fact that her perimeter measures only 147 kilometres, Elba is capable of offering a mild climate and a multitude of diverse landscapes and scenery: romantic fishing villages, small towns on rocky hill-tops, ancient castles, green valleys and enchanting bays combined with sandy beaches.

Only minutes away from the steep cliffs that plunge into the crystal clear sea, the granite mountain, Monte Capanne rises to 1019 metres of altitude.

The ever present evidence of history and culture, combined with an extraordinary wealth of natural beauty, make this magical island unique.

Fantastic beaches, breathtaking cliffs, green hills and perfumed blossoms, woods with secular trees, tranquil little towns by the sea or built on the top of mountains.

You can discover all this and even more when you visit the Island of Elba, following the numerous paths in the National Park with your rucksack on your back, on a horse or by mountain bike, or sailing the crystal clear sea in a canoe or a sailing boat. The sea around Elba is the best keen scuba divers could desire, for both diving and facilities. Daily montain bike, by feet or kayak excursions with guide inside of the island and the beautiful Island of Pianosa.

There are numerous opportunities offered by the variety of the seabed: shoals, landslides, rock faces that disappear into the deep blue sea, splendid places where you can admire a multitude of marine fauna and flora.

The wealth of Elba is not only its nature but also its history and culture, you should not miss the traditional popular festivals, some of which are extraordinary and fascinating, such as the evoking of the legend of the ‘Innamorata’ and the grape festival, together with firework displays, village festivals, cinema, concerts and theatre.

During the summer season there are many occasions to see sport competitions, also at international levels: sailing, windsurfing, mountain bike, running, golf, vintage rally, these and other sports fit in perfectly with the environment all over the island.