Where we are

Where we are

Lat. 42.750410 - Long. 10.237554

Two kilometres of golden beach and a variety of high quality accomodation make this antique fishing town one of the most popular tourist centres of the island. Despite Marina di Campo’s development being primarily of a touristic nature,the traditional fishing village charm of the small town has not been lost. Colorful wooden fishing boats, filled with nets and tackle, are still a fixture in the port of Marina di campo.

To admire the size and splendor of the gulf of Campo one should climb towards San’Ilario and San Piero, the picturesque, antique hamlets known for their granite caves where important monuments have been sculptered and imperial pilars stand. Here, in present day, an association of stone cutters work to preserve the antique works in granite, these being considered valuble and sought after furnishings.

Between these two small towns,on the road that leads to Monte Perone, one will find numerous small pathways suitable for trekking.Along these tracks, besides coming into contact with various types of native plants and animals,one will find the Torre of San Giovanni.

Constructed in the 7th century on what was then a Roman site, this tower is found at a short distance from the facinating Roman-Pisan church of San Giovanni.

Hotel Villa Etrusca - the pine wood in front of the beach
Extraordinary for the beauty of the surrounding scenery and sea are the beaches of Cavoli and Fetovaia. Formed of golden sand with a granite origin meaning the sand doesn’t cling to ones skin, these beaches are definately the most loved and most popular amongst the young.